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Membership Application
KNOW Network Membership Form    [Date Added : 07/02/2003 ]

KNOW Network Membership Form

To apply for membership in The KNOW Network, simply complete this application form and return with the membership fee.

o I enclose a check made payable to Teleos for a full 12-month membership at the standard fee of
$2995 US Dollars.

o I have instructed my bank to transfer US$ ___________ to the Teleos account (bank details will be provided upon receipt of this completed membership application form).

o I wish to pay by MasterCard or Visa credit card (debit will be made in British pounds sterling at current rate of exchange):

Card: __________________ No. _____________________________________ Expiry Date: _______

Name on Card: ________________________________

Signature: ______________________________

o Please invoice me for a full 12-month membership.

Our purchase order number is: _____________________________________________________


Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Position: ___________________________________________________________________________

Organization: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Country: __________________________________________ Post/Zip Code: ___________________

Tel: _____________________________________ Fax: _____________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________

Membership fee inclusive of VAT for UK-based subscribers.

Membership Requirements

Membership in The KNOW Network is open to all organizations. Membership is for a 12-month period, starting upon receipt of the subscription fee. 100 employees can participate as part of an organizational membership.

Data Protection Act

The information you provide will be held by Teleos and may be used to keep you informed of other products or services Teleos or The KNOW Network offer. If you do not wish to receive the information, please tick this box. o


Rory L. Chase, Managing Director
The KNOW Network
5 St. Julian's Avenue
Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1ET
United Kingdom

VAT Reg. No. 745 6681 00

Tel/Fax: +44 1584 878576

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