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Iran Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises Secretariat    [Date Added : 05/09/2013 ]
The Iran Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study is part of Teleos’ MAKE research program. The Iran MAKE study was established in 2011 to recognize organizations (founded and headquartered in Iran) for their ability to create shareholder value (or in the case of public and non-profit organizations, to increase stakeholder value) by transforming new as well as existing enterprise knowledge into superior products/services/solutions.

• Iran MAKE Award Official Representative in Iran: Mr. Mahdi Shafieezadeh

• Iran MAKE Award Organizer: Sharif University of Technology

The Iran MAKE expert panel which selects the Iran MAKE Award Winners consists of senior executives and leading knowledge management / intellectual capital / innovation / organizational learning.

The Iran MAKE Nominees, Finalists and Winners are ranked against each of the eight knowledge performance dimensions which form the MAKE framework and are the visible drivers of wealth creation:

• creating a knowledge-driven enterprise culture
• developing knowledge leaders and workers
• innovation (R&D, creativity and new product/solution/service design and delivery)
• maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
• enterprise-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing
• creating a learning organization
• creating value from customer/stakeholder knowledge
• transforming corporate knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value

The Annual Iran MAKE Award

The Iran MAKE study is based on three phases of assessment to recognize the Iran MAKE Winners. The first assessment phase is conducted based on the nominiees’ declaration forms, which are based on the MAKE Award Framework, by the Iran MAKE Award expert panel. The nominees describe their efforts in knowledge, innovation and intellectual capital management.

During the secound assessment phase, the Iran MAKE Award expert panel continues the assessment through on-site observations or in-persion presentations by the nominees’ delegates. The nominees’ scores are revised by the Iran MAKE Award expert panel at the end of the second phase to in ordrer to select and recognize the Iran MAKE Finalists.

In the third phase, the Finalists present their efforts at the annual Knowledge, Innovation and Intellectual Capital Management Conference before all members of the Iran MAKE Awardexpert panel. During this phase the Iran MAKE Award expert panel revises the scores form secound phase. During this phase there is a compulsury question-and-answer session for each Finalist in which the Iran MAKE Award expert panel asks questions of the nominees’ delegates to clarify relevant points and to ensure accurate scoring.

The Iran MAKE Award guides and helps Iranian corporations, in any sector, in their efforts to create knowledge-based management through other services, including:

Iran MAKE Award’s KM School: Official training courses offered by the Iran MAKE Award, consisting of several workshops based on the MAKE Award Framework.

KM National Network: The KM National Network is another service offered by Iran MAKE Award - it holds congresses based on the MAKE Framework dimensions. Many international experts, including Chris Collision, Kent Greenes and Josef Hofer-Alfeis, have been keynote presenters.

Iran MAKE Certified Knowledge Expert (IMCKE): The Iran MAKE Award oversees tests designed to recognize the test-takers’ organizational understanding of the MAKE Framework; knowledge-base management, innovation and intellectual capital management concepts; and tools and applications..

Value Adding Management of Knowledge, Innovation and Intellectual Capital Management Conference (VAMKIICM): The Iran MAKE Award organizes the VAMKIICM conference, which includes the annual Iran MAKE Award closing ceremony. Every year over 500 delegates from more than 150 Iranian organizations gather at this conference to share their best practices and to take part in the Iran MAKE Award closing ceremony, where the final phase of Iran MAKE Award assessment is conducted.

In the spirit of learning and sharing, Sharif University of Technology invited Hewlett-Packard and Switzerland Siemens to share their knowledge management strategy and implementations experiences. Mrs. Birgit Gobi presented on a private basis and Mr. Johannes Mueller represented his organization. Moreover, Professor Peter Bryant from IE Business School, Professor WB Lee from Hong Kong Polytechnical University and Professor Dr. John Dumay from Macquarie University gave seminars and taught workshops at the conference.

e-Know: The Iran MAKE Award found it necessary to aid organizations in all aspects of their management disciplines. For the ease of access, several multimedia workshops have been made available to enterprises through the Internet.

K-Talks: In the spirit of knowledge sharing, the Iran MAKE Award invites international experts, award winners and practitioners in various fields of study to talk about their ideas, efforts and studies in their field of profession. Researchers and experts from all around the country participate in these congresses.

2015 Iran MAKE Award Time Table

The fifth Iran MAKE study will start on June 1, 2015.

- 5th Value Adding Management of Knowledge Innovation and Intellectual Capital Conference and Final Assessment Phase (To Announce Iran MAKE Winners): March 5-8, 2016

The Iran MAKE Award Secretariat

The Iran MAKE Award Secretariat is the only certified reference in Iran for all the services related to the MAKE Award and MAKE Framework. No other natural person or judicial person has any right to act/promote/claim that their services/products have any connection to the MAKE award Framework/Study. Those corporations which do not respect the Iran MAKE Award Secretariat’s exclusive rights, ranging from offerings to receiving unapproved services/products related to MAKE, may be prohibited from nomination in the award and/or receiving any services offered by the MAKE Award in Iran. The Iran MAKE Award Secretariat is the official representative of the Iran MAKE Award and has exclusive authority to recognize cases of infringement.

For more information, contact the Iran MAKE Award Secretariat:

Tel: +98-21-66008475
Fax: +98-21-66165185
Address: Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

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