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MAKE Partners
MAKE Partners    [Date Added : 05/10/2013 ]
The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) research program was established in 1998 to recognize those organizations which are leaders in transforming enterprise knowledge into stakeholder value. Besides the global MAKE study, there are regional MAKE studies conducted for the Americas (North, Central and South America), Asia and Europe (including the Middle East and North Africa), as well as national MAKE studies conducted in partnership for Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Iran.

National MAKE Awards

Teleos grants each MAKE partner exclusive rights to conduct their national MAKE study. There is a single category for the national MAKE Awards:

• Individual company / division / business unit / agency. The nomination and selection process for the national MAKE studies, administered by Teleos’ MAKE partners, is designed to meet national requirements and may vary slightly from country to country. In addition, there may be a cost to participate in the national MAKE studies. Each year the top national MAKE Winners automatically become eligible to participate in their regional MAKE study. (Note: where applicable, organizations must participate in their country’s national MAKE study in order to be eligible to participate in their regional MAKE study).

A panel of senior executives and knowledge management / innovation / intellectual capital / organizational learning experts selects organizations based the MAKE framework of eight knowledge performance dimensions, which are the visible drivers of intellectual capital creation in knowledge-driven enterprises:

• creating and sustaining an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
• developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership
• creating and delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions
• maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
• creating and sustaining an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing
• creating and sustaining a learning organization
• creating value based on stakeholder knowledge
• transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value

Each of these eight knowledge performance dimensions is made up of dozens of knowledge processes and sub-processes - over 150 knowledge processes in total. Taken together, they form a holistic ‘picture’ of the knowledge-driven enterprise. The MAKE research based on this framework provides an accurate guide to identifying those enterprises which are creating intellectual capital faster than their competitors and cross-sector peers.


The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises research program is based upon the Delphi research technique - a perception-based forecasting tool. The Delphi methodology involves a panel of individuals who have expert knowledge of a specific subject or issue. The panel is asked a series of specific questions over several rounds. After each round of responses, individual opinions are shared, allowing each panel member to learn what the other experts think. Discovering other experts’ opinions helps to reinforce those in agreement, and to influence those who did not initially agree to possibly consider other factors. In the next round, the experts revise their estimates, and the process is repeated, usually for no more than three or four rounds. The Delphi method promotes unbiased exchanges of ideas and discussion and usually results in a convergence of opinion. It is one of the best approaches to forecasting long-range trends and opinion.

The senior executives participating in the national MAKE research are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and peers across the eight knowledge dimensions based mainly on their knowledge of organizational strategic performance. On the other hand, the knowledge management / innovation / intellectual capital / organizational learning experts tends to have a greater understanding of enterprise knowledge strategies and best practices at the knowledge process level. Therefore, the two components of the national MAKE panel compliment each other.

National MAKE studies begin in February of each year and MAKE Winners are announced beginning each July.

Information on current MAKE Partners is found in this section.

Becoming a MAKE Partner

Organizations interested in becoming MAKE Partners should contact Teleos for details.
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