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Best European Cities for Start-ups
Start-ups and entrepreneurship remain important features of today's digital economy, and supporting the development of start-ups has become an importa...
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NHS England Launches Innovation 'Test Beds'
The British National Health Service (NHS) will launch its first wave of seven 'test beds to pilot technology such as wearables, apps, monitors and sen...
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Xerox's Eureka KM Initiative Celebrates 20 Years
Remember the office Xerox machine that seemed to constantly need repair? Or did not work for days, waiting for a technician to arrive and service it? ...
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Encouraging Innovation in Millennial Employees
When led properly, Millennial employees can be a great source of new i...
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Capturing Knowledge from Departing Employees
In many organizations, the typical exit process is a whirlwind of proj...
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February 1st Issue of The TKN Alert Published
The TKN ALERT provides KNOW Network members with business intelligence and market trends in the areas of innovation, collaboration, intellectual capital management and organizational learning. It is available as part of a KNOW Network membership. KNOW Network members should login and click on the Knowledge Library in the left-hand navigation bar to read the new February 1, 2016, issue.
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Knowledge Business
Can Knowledge Management Really Change Organizational Culture?
The affects of KM on organizational culture are examined (case stud...
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Knowledge Business
Human Resources - Strength and Weakness in Protection of Intellectual Capital
Human resources in knowledge-intensive industries create the basis ...
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