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Conflict Could Lead to Better Products [Date Added :01/23/2017]
US-based pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly measures the health of its alliances with a "Voice of the Alliance Survey." Members from each partner organization rate the alliance in areas related to strategi...
Workplace Trends [Date Added :01/11/2017]
The Workforce Institute (part of US-based Kronos) has identified the top trends that will impact the global workforce in 2017: 1. The year of the middle manager: Managers have the greatest i...
IT Industry Predictions [Date Added :01/06/2017]
Here are a few predictions from IT industry experts: Analytics: In 2017, we are going to see analytics do more than ever to drive customer satisfaction. Customers expect a personalized exper...
Pitfalls and Opportunities of Corporate Discussion Boards [Date Added :01/02/2017]
Though actively used by employees, discussion boards rarely come into knowledge managers' focus because they are primarily considered as communication mediators and not as knowledge generators. So let...
2017 HR Technology Trends [Date Added :12/28/2016]
The application of technology to Human Resources requirements is set to get even stronger in 2017, as industry experts predict core disruptions for the future. Deloitte recently published its report <...
New Innovation Index [Date Added :12/22/2016]
According to Global Perspectives journal, creator of the The Indigo Score for ranking country innovation, we can no longer predict the future economic performance of countries just by fo...
Innovative Automotive Trends [Date Added :12/15/2016]
The Ford Motor Company has released its annual trends report, which draws upon research and input from top thought leaders and includes three previous trends that are still relevant today, as well as ...
Boosting Japanese Innovation [Date Added :12/09/2016]
Japan's industries have drastically fallen from its peak in the late 20th century, especially conspicuous is the decline of the electronics sector. The global rankings of Japanese universities have al...
Trends Turning the World Upside Down [Date Added :12/08/2016]
According to McKinsey & Company in a paper Clouds, Big Data and Smart Assets: Ten Tech-Enabled Business Trends to Watch, the global economy is currently being disrupted so quickly and at such ...
The Disney Way to Maintaining Brand Loyalty [Date Added :12/07/2016]
Thanks to creative thinking, adapting to new technology, and acting from an authentic point-of-view, Disney has been able to keep up with every age group of its fans. "As the audience evolves, we'r...
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