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Technologies Transforming Corporate Learning [Date Added :10/18/2017]
As the pace of technological change accelerates, employers are struggling to keep up. Research now indicates that a worker's skills and competencies last on average for just five years – and that 60% ...
Innovation's New World Order [Date Added :10/11/2017]
A study by UBS Securities Asia, Tiger Sparks: Is Asia's Innovation Boom Creating a New World Order? observes that China is following in the footsteps of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, sheddin...
Your Innovation Process [Date Added :10/04/2017]
For innovation to contribute to a company or government agency, it needs to be designed as a process from start to deployment. When organizations lack a formal innovation pipeline process, project app...
Knowledge Challenge for Hong Kong [Date Added :09/25/2017]
Hyper-globalization has gripped the world for over 25 years, but we are only beginning to understand it. Hyper-globalization differs from the 'old globalization' of 1820 to 1990, because it is happeni...
Tips for KM Success [Date Added :09/19/2017]
A comprehensive Knowledge Base (KB) eliminates the need to rediscover or reformulate knowledge. Knowledge that doesn't serve is knowledge wasted. And for knowledge gained from experience and research ...
AI Will Change How We Manage Content [Date Added :09/12/2017]
Content management is about to undergo a foundational shift as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning bring long-sought order to enterprise content. As the volume of content has increased, ...
Employees Must Create Knowledge - Not Just Share It [Date Added :09/04/2017]
Many leaders see organizational learning simply as sharing existing knowledge. This is not surprising given that this is the primary focus of educational institutions, training programs and leadership...
Enhancing Organizational Learning [Date Added :08/29/2017]
Learning and development (L&D) is intricately tied to employee engagement and employee retention. Today, employees are expected to keep pace with changing conditions in a dynamic work environment. Sup...
The Future of Work [Date Added :08/22/2017]
As technology continues to blur the line between digital and physical, there is a heightened focus on what the future of work will bring. A recent issue of the Deloitte Review examines key tren...
Creating Strategic HR Leaders [Date Added :08/16/2017]
Human resource leaders are becoming aware of the growing importance of using data analytics to increase business impact, attract and retain talent, and strengthen company culture. Yet, many executives...
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