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The Best Consulting Firms for Digital HR Transformation [Date Added :11/23/2017]
According to a recent Deloitte survey, 71% of the organizations surveyed highlighted the importance of Human Resources (HR) analytics. Looking at the current trends and developments in HR, this is not...
Corporate Innovation - Digital Transformation [Date Added :11/22/2017]
Digital transformation and corporate innovation are two of the biggest trends in business modernization today. These trends are examined in State of Digital Transformation, researched by Brian ...
Mentoring Circles [Date Added :11/17/2017]
Mentoring circles are a form of group mentoring that encourages participants from all levels of an organization to propose and own a topic of interest. They are designed to give motivated employees an...
Why People Fail to Share Knowledge [Date Added :11/14/2017]
Effective knowledge sharing is the lifeblood to knowledge-based organizations. High-performing organizations are ones that have mastered the art of empowering their newer employees with the knowledge ...
Collaboration Jumble or Essential for Gen Z's [Date Added :11/09/2017]
Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Box, Wrike, Trello, Flowdock, ProofHub, Zoho Workplace - the list of available collaboration tools seems endless, as is the variety of offerings. Microsoft alone has pack...
How Leaders Can Get More from Innovation Efforts [Date Added :10/31/2017]
Here are four things leaders can do to get more from their company's innovation efforts: 1. Don't Get Trapped in Your P&L: For any business to succeed over the long term, it must earn a return that...
The State of European Union Data Innovation [Date Added :10/30/2017]
The Center for Data Innovation think-tank has released its latest report, The State of European Union Data Innovation. Data innovation - the innovative use of data to create social and economic...
Technologies Transforming Corporate Learning [Date Added :10/18/2017]
As the pace of technological change accelerates, employers are struggling to keep up. Research now indicates that a worker's skills and competencies last on average for just five years – and that 60% ...
Innovation's New World Order [Date Added :10/11/2017]
A study by UBS Securities Asia, Tiger Sparks: Is Asia's Innovation Boom Creating a New World Order? observes that China is following in the footsteps of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, sheddin...
Your Innovation Process [Date Added :10/04/2017]
For innovation to contribute to a company or government agency, it needs to be designed as a process from start to deployment. When organizations lack a formal innovation pipeline process, project app...
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