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Creating Strategic HR Leaders [Date Added :08/16/2017]
Human resource leaders are becoming aware of the growing importance of using data analytics to increase business impact, attract and retain talent, and strengthen company culture. Yet, many executives...
US Management Consulting Market Hits $58 Billion [Date Added :08/14/2017]
The US consulting sector is the largest and most mature market of its kind, accounting for nearly 50% of the world's consulting income. According to studies by Source Global Research and Consultancy.u...
Chief Learning Officer [Date Added :08/10/2017]
The role of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is changing. Here are the key value-additions he or she is expected to make: 1. Align with the business vision: The new-age CLO must think beyond...
Leading CSR Rankings Lack Consistency, Transparency [Date Added :08/07/2017]
Getting included in a well-known list of the most sustainable corporations in the world might not actually mean that much, according to a report in The CPA Journal. A study questioned whether s...
Avoiding One-Size-Fits-All KM Technologies Trap [Date Added :08/04/2017]
No two Knowledge Management (KM) programs are alike. Commonalities exist, but an effective one must be tailored to meet the unique needs of the organization. Here are a few ways to avoid the one-size-...
The Future of Corporate Universities [Date Added :07/20/2017]
Will corporate universities disappear, or have to change in form and function to remain relevant? The answers are "no," "yes," and "absolutely." Corporate universities will not disappear, but they hav...
Leaders Should Build a Coaching Culture [Date Added :07/19/2017]
Here are three reasons your organization should make building a coaching culture one of the highest strategic priorities: 1. Failing to develop managers throughout the organization can become a maj...
Becoming a Talent Magnet [Date Added :07/14/2017]
Building an organization as a talent magnet is, of course, not a simple task. It must begin with building solid and consistent corporate culture and values. They represent 'who we are' and 'what we wa...
New Era of Learning and Development [Date Added :07/11/2017]
Knowledge is power in the knowledge economy. Helping people learn, innovate and share knowledge is one of the building blocks of organizational success in a competitive world. Learning and Development...
Problems that Types of Innovation Solve [Date Added :07/06/2017]
In his book Mapping Innovation, Greg Satell proposes an Innovation Matrix to help leaders identify the right type of strategy to solve a problem. This is done by asking two questions: - How ...
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