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US Government Invests in KM    [Date Added : 09/28/2004 ]
A new report by research firm INPUT predicts that the US government market for knowledge management solutions will grow by almost one-third during the next five years, hitting more than $1.1 billion in fiscal 2009.

In the Federal Knowledge Management Market View report, INPUT analysts predict that US homeland security initiatives will continue to drive the market.

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, "knowledge management solutions have moved to the forefront of technology-related homeland security initiatives," says Chris Campbell, senior analyst in federal market analysis at INPUT.

The federal market for knowledge management solutions will grow from US $850 million in fiscal 2004 to almost $1.1 billion in fiscal 2009, a 29 percent increase in spending.

Several factors are driving the increase, according to INPUT, such as heightened pressures to eliminate redundancies among agencies, improving information sharing for homeland security purposes and improving overall agency performance by capitalizing on a broader, interagency knowledge base.

The US Office of Management and Budget is increasing pressure on US federal agencies to improve performance with better investments, and agencies have been told to consolidate redundant systems and share applications with other agencies.

An analysis of the FY2005 budget indicates that knowledge management spending is more diversified at the department level than in previous years, placing more emphasis on consolidating systems and improving inter/intra-agency knowledge sharing. INPUT predicts this trend in spending to continue over the next several years.

Campbell says: "Growth will be driven in the outer years of this forecast as federal agencies become increasingly comfortable with the application of knowledge management technologies and as performance data is collected on implemented systems."

He adds: "We expect knowledge management spending to be more widespread across numerous agencies as they focus on homeland security as well as complying with federal management objectives."

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