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KM Scores High in Web Applications Survey    [Date Added : 11/04/2003 ]
According to a recent report from Line56, 76% of IT executives worldwide say they either have deployed or are planning to deploy Web applications related to employee services.

Following employee services, knowledge management (67.1%) and customer support (62.8%) are the most common Web applications organizations have deployed or will in the future.

Line56 surveyed 522 IT executives from companies with over $250 million in annual revenue. Respondents worked primarily in high technology, financial services, health care and professional services sectors.

The Line56 Enterprise Web Survey attempts to address the entire Enterprise Web market, including portal software, content management, collaboration, integration and search technologies. Plumtree Software sponsored the survey, but did not solicit customers or partners to participate, and did not provide a list of contacts for Line56 to solicit.

The top Web applications that companies have deployed or are planning to deploy in the next 18 months (as a percentage of respondents) are:

- employee services (76%)
- knowledge management (67.1%)
- customer support (62.8%)
- executive dashboard (49.1%)
- sales support (46%)
- finance (38%)
- corporate compliance (31.8%)
- supplier support (30.8%)
- R&D collaboration (26.5%)

Survey results indicate that the average mid- to large-sized organization support over four development standards, nearly three application servers and over three content repositories. The survey also found that organizations are using this heterogeneous infrastructure to build an enormous number of applications, averaging over 120 applications per respondent.

The report notes that of those companies that have determined the ROI of their Web application investments, 87.2% say they have achieved positive ROI from their enterprise Web deployment.

The likelihood of a negative ROI was nearly three times higher for organizations that had deployed an empty portal versus those that had not. Some 46% of respondents indicated that the most significant deficiency in their enterprise Web software was its inability to integrate resources from other systems. Knowledge management was the most significant problem facing most organizations attempting to manage a large number of Web applications and Web sites.
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