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US Army KM Awards    [Date Added : 09/02/2003 ]
The US Army Knowledge Awards were
presented during the recent 3rd Annual US
Army Knowledge Symposium.

"The US Army Knowledge Awards Program
allows us to acknowledge and recognize
Army initiatives, programs, and concepts
that exploit knowledge management tools
and principles," says Col. Jane Maliszewski,
chief of Strategic Outreach.

She continues: "We want to promote Army-
wide knowledge sharing and collaboration
focused on enterprise solutions that improve
situational awareness and organizational

The goal of the awards program is to
recognize KM-based initiatives that are
focused on the enterprise - major
commands, functional areas and the US
Army as a whole - and that incorporate
process re-engineering. Also those that use
technology to enable the process
transformation and de-emphasize individual
stovepipe solutions to problems.

US Army Knowledge Awards were given
presented to the following organizations:

- Best Knowledge Transformation Initiative

Army Knowledge Online - The Knowledge
Center Consortium was formed to support
transformation to a network-centric
knowledge-based force through a shared
knowledge center. The center collaboration
tools enable users to share accessible
information, conduct planned or ad hoc
virtual meetings and support project
management among geographically
dispersed teams.

- Best Enterprise Solution

Office of the Surgeon General - The Office of
the Surgeon General's Soldier Medical
Readiness system is designed to provide
soldiers a view of their required US
Department of Defense reimbursed lab
tests, examinations and vaccinations. Each
user is provided a red, amber or green
notification based upon the specific
component and indicator requirement. The
alerts enable the user to proactively address
recurring requirements and correct data
deficiencies in DoD data systems.

- Best Cross-Functional Solution

Product Management Office Secure
Electronic Transactions - More than 700,000
middleware and Common Access Card
readers are currently fielded to the US Army.
This middleware can be remotely managed
at an enterprise level. Users can move
about the US Army and be assured of a
compatible product anywhere they go. This
middleware saves the Army 33 percent on
its current middleware prices.

- Best e-Army Initiative

Army Test and Evaluation Command's
Developmental Test Command - The
Electronic Signature Management
Information System has been deployed
across the US DoD and provides the ability
to electronically sign and route any official
government document. The process
improves the quality and speed of signed
documentation flow with secure architecture
within the containment of the form or

- Best Community of Practice

US Army Reserve - USAR established the
largest and most active set of Communities
in the AKO Collaboration Center. When AKO
established the collaboration center, the
USAR built knowledge centers for its staff
sections at Army Reserve Command
Headquarters, each of the Regional Support
Command Headquarters, and each of the
Direct Report Command Headquarters.
When Operation Enduring Freedom and
Noble Eagle began, deploying units quickly
realized the only way to effectively
communicate with their home station was
through the AKO Collaboration Center. One
of the greatest impacts that the USAR
Communities of Practice has had is the
ability to quickly communicate critical
information and forms to soldiers as they
mobilize in support of operations.

- Best e-Learning Initiative

Army Education Division at the Total US
Army Personnel Command - eArmyU
augments traditional US Army distance
learning programs ensuring that eligible
enlisted soldiers have full access and
student support services to fulfill their
educational goals - anytime, anywhere. As
structured, eArmyU provides access to a
variety of online degree programs and
related educational services via a
comprehensive web portal, eliminating
many of the barriers to education that
soldiers have traditionally faced throughout
their military careers.

- AKM Pioneer Award

Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Elder - Elder
established the Noncommissioned Officers
Communities of Practice for mentoring,
teaching and coaching noncommissioned
officers in the several years before the US
Army introduced Army Knowledge Online.

Visit the US Army at website: http://
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