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IBM Recognized as Top IT Training Provider    [Date Added : 09/02/2003 ]
Market research firm IDC has recognized
IBM as the industry leader in IT training. The
IDC report, Vendor Needs and
Strategies: Top 15 Worldwide IT Training
Providers, 2002,
positions IBM as one of
the few vendors able to meet IT training
market demands with multiple solutions.

In general, IDC is optimistic about the
corporate IT training marketplace,
particularly after 2003. The report
encourages vendors to consider focusing on
the following four areas:

- both high-growth and large dollar value
software markets.

- training to enhance productivity.

- customizable offerings to emphasize
business process.

- developing content that is capable of being
delivered using several delivery

According to IDC, IBM has demonstrated
success in these four areas through
marketing relationships with content
providers, and through its own IT training
program - saving IBM more than US $350
million in 2002.

IDC analysts used revenue growth as the
primary metric for the report rankings, noting
revenue is also a surrogate for brand
awareness. According to IDC, "IBM Learning
Solutions leverages the strong brand
recognition and value perception generated
by the broader IBM [brand] to maximize its
presence in the training marketplace."

The report also states: "IBM has sufficient
expertise and delivery capability to provide
highly reliable and much sought after
capabilities across a wide range of learning
services - including needs assessments,
organizational design and curriculum
design and development."

In order to offer such broad capabilities, IBM
leverages its business consulting expertise,
e-business integration skills, IBM Research
and a robust product portfolio to create a
customized "blended learning" approach to
IT training. Blended learning combines self-
study and e-learning with mentoring and
hands-on, instructor-led classes - giving
customers exactly what they need and the
best of IBM's resources. The approach is
designed to give companies more flexibility,
increased cost savings and can remove time
constraints when implementing an IT
training program.

The report also points to the integration of
the newly formed Business Consulting
Services learning division as a complement
to the existing business. "IBM Learning
Solutions has built upon what was already a
stalwart training business. Big Blue is now
one of the largest providers of ERP training
and is in a very strong position to grow its
business through broad-based, enterprise
learning solutions comprising services,
infrastructure, and learning content directed
at both IT and non-IT audiences," the report

"IBM clearly recognizes learning as a
strategic lever for customers who need to be
responsive in fast-changing environments,"
says Michael Brennan, program manager
for IDC's Corporate Learning and
Performance Research, "Big Blue's internal
learning and technology expertise,
extensive product portfolio, and ensemble of
learning partners position the company well
to take advantage of the growth
opportunities offered by both the IT and non-
IT corporate training markets."

More information on the IDC report can be
found at website: .

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