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New Era of Learning and Development    [Date Added : 07/11/2017 ]
Knowledge is power in the knowledge economy. Helping people learn, innovate and share knowledge is one of the building blocks of organizational success in a competitive world. Learning and Development (L&D) is not merely a Human Resources (HR) agenda but a key priority for business leaders. Top management is concerned about what and how employees learn, in order to ensure they surpass productivity expectations like never before.

Driven by employee expectations, user-friendly and intuitive learning interfaces, personalized content that truly benefits each learner, and everywhere learning are just some of the emerging learning trends. Here is a closer look at some of these:

1. Simple and intuitive: Few employees have the time to invest hours in skill upgradation at a time when work deliverables take priority. Learning should be such that the employee logs in quickly, learns quickly and can refresh his or her knowledge just as quickly and effectively.

2. Customised content: Role-based learning is in vogue, as employees wish to learn that which helps moves their careers forward. Learning is becoming more self-directed, with the choice of what and how to learn shifting to the employee.

3. Social and collaborative: The age when individual employees logged into their system to gain knowledge individually is slowly dwindling. We can see the rise of knowledge management as a core learning and development area, with social learning platforms and portals helping employees share and express their learnings.

4. Everywhere learning: People today are accustomed to communicating on many devices at once - smartphones, desktops, tablets, smart wearable, etc. They now expect the same degree of flexibility and accessibility in their professional endeavors. Learning and development departments must therefore develop content that is viable across all devices and communication channels.

Today, learning is not just about knowledge dissemination - it is about creating an engaging and immersive learning experience. L&D professionals must turn to the latest technology to be able to deliver on this learning need.

("The New Era of Learning and Development Is Here," by Rhucha Kulkarni, HR Technologies, June 23, 2017. Copyright HR Technologies)
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