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Knowledge Management Myths    [Date Added : 12/22/2015 ]
Knowledge management pioneer Stan Garfield reveals and debunks 16 Myths of Knowledge Management:

- KM Myth 1: Push it

- KM Myth 2: Someone Else Will Do It

- KM Myth 3: KM is Dead

- KM Myth 4: Incentives Don't Work

- KM Myth 5: Roll it Out and Drive Adoption

- KM Myth 6: Social Media is Frivolous

- KM Myth 7: Don't Control

- KM Myth 8: Eliminate Risks

- KM Myth 9: Be Like Google and Amazon

- KM Myth 10: We Need Our Own

- KM Myth 11: I Don't Have Time

- KM Myth 12: We Should Work Ourselves Out of a Job

- KM Myth 13: Bigger is Better

- KM Myth 14: Make People Do It

- KM Myth 15: Everything is a Community

- KM Myth 16: Our Intellectual Property Will Be Stolen
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