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Samsung Turns to Innovation    [Date Added : 01/02/2014 ]
Samsung's rise to become one of the world's smartphone leaders has been one of the biggest technology stories over the past couple of years, according to Brad Reed of

However, now that Samsung is a technology leader rather than a follower, it appears that the company's smartphone profit margins have peaked. Samsung's now must develop a new strategy to keep the company in its competitive leadership position. Samsung must become a true innovator rather than a 'copier.'

Samsung's latest two attempts to break new ground in smartphones have been met with negative reviews so far and have reportedly only deepened the company's anxiety about what its "next big thing" will be.

This concern over its future is what's driving Samsung to invest so much in developing Tizen, its homemade smartphone platform that it hopes will lessen its dependence on Google's Android operating system. In this way, Samsung is looking to follow the business model that Apple has used and that Microsoft is now trying to emulate with its own line of devices - it wants tight integration of hardware and software and it does not want to rely on an outside party to produce the devices it thinks will sell the best.

"When someone buys our handset, we want them to be interested in the whole experience," according to Hong Won-pyo, president of Samsung's Media Solution Center. "Combining excellent hardware innovation and software innovation - when you combine them neatly, the value will be maximized and the consumer will appreciate our products because we integrated them."
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