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Top Green Companies    [Date Added : 11/21/2017 ]
As many nations step up efforts for a transition to a low carbon future, businesses across the world have been accelerating their efforts to increase the use of renewable energy. As private sector companies account for a significant part of the world’s electricity consumption, they have also become responsible for emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Many companies across all business sectors have committed to switch to 100% renewable energy. A sharp reduction in the prices of electricity generated from wind and solar power plants is also enabling companies to expand their usage of renewable energy.

It is estimated that prices of wind and solar power will be lower than those of electricity generated from coal or gas in most countries by 2030, according to an analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Besides, costs involved in building solar power projects are estimated to fall by 47% by 2040, while those of wind projects are anticipated to decline by 32%. To keep a 2-degree Celsius average global warming threshold, 42% of power requirements will need to be met from renewable sources by 2030 globally, according to the projections made by the International Energy Agency.

According to Energy Business Review, the top green companies are (in alphabetical order):

Biogen: This US-based multinational biotechnology company started meeting all its electricity needs from renewable energy sources in 2014.

Commerzbank: Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Commerzbank began meeting all its power needs from renewable energy sources from 2013, through purchase of Guarantees of Origin. Commerzbank is one of the major funders of renewable energy through the Centre of Competence Energy.

KPN: Based in The Hague, Netherlands, KPN achieved the target of meeting its 100% electricity needs from renewable energy. KPN buys Guarantees of Origin for operations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Microsoft: With headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft started meeting all its electricity needs from renewable energy sources in 2014. In October 2017, Microsoft agreed to buy energy generated from GE’s 37MW Tullahennel wind farm in Ireland to support its cloud services in the country. In November 2016, the company signed two agreements to purchase electricity and renewable energy certificates from wind farms totaling 237MW in the US. The agreement increased Microsoft’s investment in wind energy to over 500MW in the US.

SAP: The company meets electricity needs of its entire operations globally through the purchase of RECs. SAP achieved its 100% renewable power target in 2014. In May 2017, the company set a goal to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 2025.

Steelcase: Since 2014, the company has invested in renewable energy credits equivalent to 100% of its global electricity consumption. In February 2016, the company executed a 12-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) for 25MW of wind power from Southern Company subsidiary - Southern Power’s Grant Plains Wind Facility. The VPPA was expected to account for nearly half of Steelcase’s renewable energy purchases.

Swiss Post: The company achieved the goal of 100% renewable power in 2008. Its solar power installations produce nearly 5GWh annually. It also meets its clean power needs by buying certified renewable electricity from the grid. The company claims that its entire fleet of electric vehicles is powered by green electricity produced in Switzerland.

Voya Financial: The company buys wind energy credits equivalent to 100% of electricity consumption of entire operations. Voya Financial reached its target of 100% renewable power in 2015.
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