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Regional and Global Innovation Leaders    [Date Added : 07/12/2017 ]
According to the Global Innovation Index 2017 (GII) co-authored by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA and UK are the world's most innovative countries, while a group of nations including India, Kenya and Vietnam are outperforming their development-level peers. India is emerging as an innovation center in Asia.

The top-10 global innovation leaders are (2016 rankings are in parentheses):

1. Switzerland (1)
2. Sweden (2)
3. the Netherlands (9)
4. United States (4)
5. United Kingdom (3)
6. Denmark (8)
7. Singapore (6)
8. Finland (5)
9. Germany (10)
10. Ireland (7)

Each year, the GII surveys some 130 economies using dozens of metrics, from patent filings to education spending, providing decision makers with a high-level look at the innovative activity that increasingly drives economic and social growth. In a new feature for the GII, a special section looks at "invention hotspots" around the globe that show the highest density of inventors listed in international patent applications.

Now in its tenth edition, the GII 2017 notes a continued gap in innovative capacity between developed and developing nations and lackluster growth rates for research and development (R&D) activities, at both government and corporate levels. 

Regional innovation leaders include:

- Central and Southern Asia: India
- Europe: Switzerland
- Latin America and the Caribbean: Chile
- North America: United States
- Northern Africa and Western Asia: Israel
- Southeast Asia, East Asia and Oceania: Singapore
- Sub-Saharan Africa: South Africa
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