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The World's Smartest Cities    [Date Added : 06/16/2017 ]
New York is once again ranked as the world's "smartest" city, according to the Cities in Motion Index 2017, which analyzes all aspects that make up sustainability and quality of life in 180 key world cities. London takes the second spot, followed by Paris (2016 rankings in parentheses):

1. New York (1)
2. London (2)
3. Paris (3)
4. Boston (5)
5. San Francisco (4)
6. Washington, DC (13)
7. Seoul (8)
8. Tokyo (12)
9. Berlin (16)
10. Amsterdam (6)

The fourth edition of the Cities in Motion Index was prepared by the IESE Center for Globalization and Strategy under the direction of Professors Pascual Berrone and Joan Enric Ricart.

To compile the index, the authors analyzed 79 indicators across 10 different dimensions of urban life: the economy, technology, human capital, social cohesion, international outreach, the environment, mobility and transportation, urban planning, public administration and governance. The results show that almost all of the dimensions measured in the ranking are led by European and North American cities. The exception is technology, where Taipei takes top spot.

New York is the world's most important economic center, ranking first in this dimension, and is in second place for Technology. London tops the Mobility and Transportation and the Human Capital dimensions, has the highest number of business schools and universities, while also standing out in International Impact (2nd place). Paris is first in International Impact as the world's most popular tourist destination.

However, all of these top-three cities have poor social cohesion scores, ranking 153rd, 105th and 86th, respectively. It is a clear reminder that a 'perfect' city does not yet exist, and that all still have room for improvement.

In Africa, Cape Town (133rd) remains the highest ranked city on the list, although Tunis (137th) is gaining ground. In Asia, the top three cities (Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore) are unchanged from last year. Buenos Aires (83rd) tops the Latin American ranking, while Abu Dhabi (64th) replaces Dubai (66th) as leader in the Middle East.
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