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Real Innovation Awards 2017    [Date Added : 04/21/2017 ]
Management Today has announced nominations are being accepted for the 2017 The Real Innovation Awards. They celebrate Britain's great ideas "as they really happen" and also the often-unsung experts who help shape them.

According to the Management Today, reasons for entering enter:

1. Get the market recognition your innovations and vision deserve.

2. Give your unsung heroes the chance to step into the limelight.

3. Enhance your reputation with current and potential clients.

4. Get greater European and British recognition for your global brand.

5. Join esteemed previous winners such as Deliveroo, DubSmash and BlaBlaCar.

6. Enjoy extensive media coverage in the London Business School Review and Management Today.

This year's categories are:

- The If At First You Don't Succeed Award: When dogged determination triumphs in the face of extreme difficulty.

- The Masters of Reinvention Award: Seeing off stiff competition by reinventing your business model or approach.

- The Best Beats First Award: For those excelling at being best (but not necessarily first) to market.

- The George Bernard Shaw Unreasonable Person Award: An individual who beats the odds with enormous tenacity and stubbornness.

- The Alexander Fleming Serendipity Award: Innovations that owe more to happy accident than great judgement.

- The Harnessing The Winds of Change Award: Ideas that successfully take advantage of a market's direction of travel.

The deadline for entering this year's awards is May 31, 2017.
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