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The World's Most Sustainable Companies    [Date Added : 01/27/2017 ]
Toronto-based Corporate Knights has released its Global 100, an annual list of the world's most sustainable companies. Using publicly available data, Corporate Knights rates large firms on 14 key measures, evaluating their management of resources, finances and employees.

For the ranking, Corporate Knights considers about 4,000 companies with market values of at least US $2 billion. The countries with the biggest share of Global 100 companies are the United States (19), France (12), the United Kingdom (11), Canada (6), Germany (6) and the Netherlands (5). The top-10 companies in this year's list are:

1. Siemens (Germany)
2. Storebrand (Norway)
3. Cisco Systems (United States)
4. Danske Bank (Denmark)
5. Ing Group (the Netherlands)
6. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Australia)
7. Koninklijke Philips (the Netherlands)
8. Johnson & Johnson (United States)
9. Koninklijke (the Netherlands)
10. Enagas (Spain)

Siemens, the German industrial conglomerate whose businesses range from power plants to medical imaging machines, takes the top spot this year. It was the most energy-efficient firm in its sector, producing more revenue per kilowatt used than any other industrial corporation. Siemens scored highly on nearly every metric in Corporate Knights' ranking, such as having a low carbon footprint and low employee turnover. The conglomerate is also dedicating a growing portion of its business to creating environmentally friendly infrastructure, with products like green heating and air conditioning systems.

Norwegian insurance company Storebrand ASA came in second. Across all measures, it performed strongest on executive pay. Storebrand's CEO gets paid just 12 times more than the average Storebrand employee. That may sound like a huge gap, but among firms in the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI), a basket of stocks designed to represent a wide range of companies across the globe, CEOs average 115 times more than their firms' workers.

American networking technology company Cisco ranked third on the Global 100 and fared particularly well on Corporate Knights' diversity measure: 38% of Cisco’s senior executives are women, compared with 21% for ACWI companies.
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