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IBM Dominates US Patents    [Date Added : 01/25/2017 ]
IBM once again has dominated the US patents table with 8,088 US patents granted in 2016. It is the 24th consecutive year that the company has been granted the most patents of any company. About 2,700 of IBM's 2016 patents covered inventions related to artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and cloud computing.

The top-10 companies granted US patents in 2016 are (number of patents granted in parentheses):

1. IBM (8,088)
2. Samsung (5,518)
3. Canon (3,665)
4. Qualcomm (2,897)
5. Goggle (2,835)
6. Intel (2,784)
7. LG Electronics (2,428)
8. Microsoft (2,398)
9. TSMC (2,288)
10. Sony (2,181)

"Leading the world in innovation for 24 years in a row is a result of IBM's unmatched commitment to innovation and R&D - reflected in this year’s new U.S. patent record, breaking the 8,000 barrier for the first time," says Ginni Rometty, IBM's CEO. "We are deeply proud of our inventors' unique contributions to discovery, science and technology that are driving progress across business and society and opening the new era of cognitive business."

The United States is home to more than one-half of IBM's US $5.4 billion annual investment in research and development. In the area of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, IBM inventors patented more than 1,000 inventions that help machines learn, reason, and efficiently process diverse data types, while interacting with people in natural and familiar ways. The patents ranged from machine learning for securing the best answers to questions, to planning the best route based on a traveler's cognitive state.

In healthcare, IBM's inventions include one that uses images to better gauge the health of a heart. Another was a hearing aid personalized to meet your specific needs. IBM inventors also created a way for drones to map microbes in hospitals, food processing plants, and agricultural fields.

IBM also patented more than 1,000 inventions that can help advance the field of cloud computing. For instance, IBM researchers explored how cloud computing could enable resiliency and availability of resources for applications.

In cybersecurity, one of the inventions was for pre-emptively detecting and isolating cloud application network intrusions. IBM inventors have developed an approach that allows developers to declare fine-grained security policies for their applications by specifying their required degree of isolation. When network breaches are detected, networking between applications - or their sub-components - can be locked down to minimize the impact of an attack.
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