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Global Talent Competitiveness    [Date Added : 01/24/2017 ]
Switzerland, Singapore and the Unite Kingdom lead this year's Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), produced by French business school INSEAD, the Adecco Group and the Human Capital Leadership Institute. The GTCI measures countries' ability to attract, retain and grow talent. The GTCI Top-10 are (2016 ranking shown in parentheses):

1. Switzerland (1)
2. Singapore (2)
3. United Kingdom (7)
4. United States (4)
5. Sweden (6)
6. Australia (13)
7. Luxembourg (3)
8. Denmark (5)
9. Finland (10)
10. Norway (8)

The GTCI looks at 65 variables, ranging from corruption and foreign direct investment to the gender pay gap, labour productivity and university rankings. The GTCI research also explores how technology can serve to augment human efficiency, highlighting the need for “softer” talents, such as creativity, adaptability and the ability to share ideas and work in teams.

This year's research also ranked cities according to their talent competitiveness. The Top-10 cities for talent are:

1. Copenhagen
2. Zurich
3. Helsinki
4. San Francisco
5. Gothenburg
6. Madrid
7. Paris
8. Los Angeles
9. Eindhoven
10. Dublin
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