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Korea Tops Global e-Government Rankings    [Date Added : 07/03/2014 ]
The Republic of Korea has retained the top spot for the third time in a row as the world's most advanced nation in delivering government services electronically. The US and United Kingdom are losing ground to Australia, Singapore, Japan and other countries as electronic government innovators, according to the new United Nations report.

The 2014 United Nations E-Government Survey is the eighth in a series of bi-annual surveys of 193 UN member states assessing advances in the electronic delivery of government information and services. The 284-page report is among the most comprehensive assessments available on e-government trends. The top-10 government leaders for 2014 are (2012 results in parentheses):

1. Republic of Korea (1)
2. Australia (12)
3. Singapore (10)
4. France (6)
5. the Netherlands (2)
6. Japan (18)
7. United States (5)
8. United Kingdom (3)
9. New Zealand (13)
10. Finland (9)

The study found for the first time that all 193 UN member states now have national websites or some form of online presence. It also found the number of countries that offer mobile apps and mobile portals had doubled to almost 50 countries, between 2012 and 2014. With more than 1.5 billion smart phones in use globally, and their use growing rapidly, UN officials see the mobile delivery of government services as an important tool in many countries for addressing poverty and promoting economic development, environmental protection and disaster management.

The use of social media by governments is also increasing quickly, according to UN figures. The number of national governments using social media tripled from 2010 to 2012, and rose another 50 percent in 2014. Today, 118 countries use it for e-consultation and 70 for e-government generally.

The Republic of Korea has laid the groundwork for integrating and automating many government services by 2020. A key component of that plan is the government's Digital Budget and Accounting System, which will ultimately integrate all the existing financial systems. The system is expected to provide real-time information sharing and transparency on the government’s revenues, spending, national assets and public debts.
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