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Top Countries for Open Innovation    [Date Added : 12/19/2012 ]
Four countries stand out for their ability to encourage and support open innovation:

1. United States. No surprise here. This is where the concept of open innovation originated. It has spread from companies to intermediaries/service providers and academia. There are simply too many organizations and individuals to discuss in detail.

2. The Netherlands. There are several leading Dutch companies, including Philips, AkzoNobel, DSM and Unilever. Several workshops and events on open innovation are hosted in the Netherlands.

3. Germany. Many Germany-based companies, including BASF, Beiersdorf, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Bombardier, Lufthansa and SAP, have embraced open innovation or they have strong initiatives for the kind of knowledge / innovation communities. Germany also seems to be the place in Europe (together with the Netherlands) with the most relevant conferences and events. Germany also has several service providers, including Hype Innovation, which promotes open innovation.

Most other countries at present fail to match the US, the Netherlands and Germany, although several countries including France, the United Kingdom, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, Singapore and South Korea have the potential to develop into regional or perhaps even global hotspots.

4. France. One reason France ranks fourth is service providers such as Hypios and bluenove. The number of corporate innovation teams in France continues to increase.

One big disappointment is the Nordic region and in particular Denmark (with the exception of LEGO). Many Nordic companies do well on innovation in general, but they do not seem to be pursuing open innovation.

("Top 5 Countries for Open Innovation," by Stefan Lindegaard, 15Inno, November 2012. Copyright 2012 15Inno)
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