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Vote Now for Your 2017 Global MAKE Winners    [Date Added : 03/12/2010 ]
Nominations for the 2017 Global MAKE Award

The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study seeks to identify those organizations (for-profit, non-profit and public sector) which are using knowledge-driven business strategies to out-perform their peers by above average growth in intellectual capital and value creation (in the case of the public sector, increased societal capital).

Nominations close on Monday, MAY 31, 2017. Vote now for the 2017 MAKE Award Winners.

Organizations require a minimum of 5% of the MAKE panel's votes to become Finalists. The organizations with the largest number of Global MAKE nominations are shown below:

Parent, Group or Holding Organizations

- 7eleven (Japan)
- Accenture (Global)
- Alphabet (USA)
- (USA)
- Apple (USA)
- ConocoPhillips (USA)
- Deloitte (Global)
- Dow Chemical (USA)
- Ecopetrol (Colombia)
- Ericsson (Sweden)
- EY (Global)
- Facebook (USA)
- FMC Technologies (USA)
- General Electric (USA)
- Inditex (Spain)
- Infosys Ltd. (India)
- LEGO (Denmark)
- Microsoft (USA)
- Novartis (Switzerland)
- PwC (Global)
- SAP (Germany)
- Schlumberger (France/USA)
- Schneider Electric (France)
- Siemens (Germany)
- Tata Group (India)
- Tesla (USA)
- Toyota (Japan)
- Wipro (India)
- World Bank (Global)

Independent Operating Units

- Airbus (Airbus Group) (France)
- Baker Hughes (USA)
- GE Oil & Gas (United Kingdom)
- Google (Alphabet) (USA)
- LG CNS (LG Corporation (S Korea)
- Nalco Water (Ecolab) (USA)
- Samsung SDS (Samsung Group (S Korea)
- Tata Chemicals (Tata Group) (India)
- Tata Consultancy Services (Tata Group) (India)
- Telkom Indonesia (Government of Indonesia) (Indonesia)
- Telkomsel (Subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia (Government of Indonesia) (Indonesia)
- The Titan Company (JV Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation) (India)
- Unilever Indonesia (Unilever) (Indonesia)
- US National Aeronautics & Space Administration (US Government) (USA)
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