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Inaugurated in 1998, the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) research program seeks to identify those organizations which are out-performing their peers by above average growth in intellectual capital and wealth creation.

This MAKE survey requires less than 5 minutes to complete. First, nominate up to three knowledge-driven organizations (profit, non-profit or public) which in your opinion are leaders in transforming individual and enterprise knowledge into shareholder value (or societal value for non-profits and public sector).

Then rate each nominated organization on their performance against the eight MAKE knowledge performance dimensions which are the visible drivers of intellectual capital growth.

Upon conclusion of this MAKE study, an Executive Summary listing the MAKE winners and key findings will be e-mailed to all survey participants.

Information and contact details contained on the individual completed nominations are confidential and will not be released in any form to third parties.

Complete this MAKE survey, and in return you'll be the first to learn which knowledge-driven organizations are the leaders in intellectual capital growth and wealth creation.

Nominate up to three organizations that you consider as leading knowledge enterprises.
Rate on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) each organization's performance against the eight knowledge performance criteria listed below:
Organization-A Organization-B Organization-C
My nominations for leading knowledge-driven organizations are
1. Ability to create and sustain an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
2. Ability to develop knowledge workers through senior management leadership.
3. Ability to develop and deliver knowledge-based products / services / solutions (innovation capability)
4. Ability to manage and maximize the value of enterprise intellectual capital.
5. Ability to create and sustain an enterprise-wide collaborative knowledge-sharing environment.
6. Ability to create and sustain a learning organization.
7. Ability to manage customer/stakeholder knowledge to create value and enterprise intellectual capital.
8. Ability to transform enterprise knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value (or societal value for non-profits and public sector).
The following information will be treated with complete confidence and is for analysis purposes only. Please state your :
First Name   :    
Surname   :
Job Title   :
Organization   :   
Address   :
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