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Iran Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises Secretariat    [Date Added : 05/09/2013 ]
Since it inauguration in 2011, Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise was introduced to Iranian companies in collaboration with Teleos and KNOW Network all over Iran. Enjoying assessments, training, advisory and best practice sharing services on the field delivered by Iran MAKE Representative office, more than 500 companies are planning and reviewing their knowledge based management efforts based on MAKE Framework. Iran MAKE winners are automatically recognized as Asian MAKE Finalists and participate in Asian MAKE award annually. In this regard with the collaboration of the most prominent international experts and managers, Iran MAKE helps Iranian companies of all sectors through a variety of services classified into Assessment, Training, Benchmarking and Advisory:

Assessment and Recognition:

1. Iran MAKE Award: In collaboration with Teleos and KNOW Network Iran MAKE assesses Iranian companies intensely based on MAKE Framework through three phases by an expert panel of recognized managers and experts in international level. A comprehensive precise feedback report on the nominees' status in national and international level, their strength and weaknesses and pragmatic advises for improving the company's business in knowledge era is then provided for each nominee by Iran MAKE expert panel. To encourage and engage the entire body of the company, MAKE award recognizes the companies in national, continental and international level and in this regard Iranian national winners are automatically recognized as Asian MAKE Finalists.

Participation in National MAKE award is the only way to enter Continental and Global MAKE award for the companies headquartered in the countries where Teleos has a national representative. In case of Iran, the companies headquartered in Iran must participate in Iran MAKE Award and should they are recognized as Iran MAKE winners, they can go up the ladder and enter Asian MAKE award and in the next level enter Global MAKE award.


1. Short Open/In-company Courses: Practical and comprehensive courses on knowledge-based management implementation taught by the most prominent national and international experts provide the companies with the cutting-edge academic and practical outcomes of pioneer companies.

2. Long-Term Programs: To develop deeper understanding and sustainable outlook improvement for the leaders in deploying status quo tools and techniques, long-term programs on business administration in knowledge economy are offered in Iran that are taught by eminent professors and lecturers with several years of executive experience from educational institutes.

3. Master Classes: Taught by eminent international experts and managers and distilled from several years of the lecturers' experience in teaching, consultancy and management position in pioneer companies, these intense courses teach the participants quick key tips and invaluable guidelines on how to turn their pertinent business into a success.

4. E-Learning: Leveraging technology in delivering training at the premise and preferred pace for any given company in collaboration with prominent educational institutes, the electronic educational courses offer educational opportunities on a variety of topics along with the planning, and object oriented monitoring of the effectiveness of the courses.


1. Webinars: A direct thematic and need tailored interaction of Iranian companies with the experts and managers from all around the world for discussions and experience exchanges that provides the companies with the first hand best practices from all around the world.

2. Best Practice Sharing: Best Practice presentations on knowledge-based management and customization of best practices to make them applicable to the other companies' context through presenting evidences and documents in discussions and question and answer meetings.

3. Conferences and Forums: Admiration and celebration of MAKE award Nominees, Finalists and Winners along with several parallel sessions for national good and best practice sharing under the shared MAKE Framework langue as well as best practice sharing by managers of pioneer companies and MAKE award winners from around the globe

4. International Benchmarking Visits: Visiting best practice companies and international MAKE award winners on knowledge based management and participation in certified international conferences and forums as well as workshops in accredited international universities and educational institutes all around the world are among the programs of Iran MAKE international benchmarking visits.


1. Integrated Advisory Plans: MAKE's Integrated plans for training, benchmarking and monitoring aim at improving companies' status quo on business management in line with the latest scientific and practical changes of management in knowledge economy are designed and delivered annually at the site of the companies. These plans provide the companies with the customized pragmatic services tailored to fit the maturity level of the applicants that are delivered by some of the most eminent international experts while monitoring the companies' progress in their implementation efforts to ensure the companies reach to a sustainable growth point in business management while benefiting from the point of view and advices of successful international managers with the support of Iran MAKE services.

Intellectual Property Rights of MAKE

MAKE Assessment and Recognition Official Organizer in Iran and MAKE Training, Advisory, and Benchmarking Official Organizer in Iran are the only certified references in Iran for all the services related to the MAKE Award and MAKE Framework. No other natural person or judicial person has any right to act/promote/claim that their services/products have any connection to the MAKE Framework/Study. Those natural persons or judicial persons that do not respect MAKE certified references' exclusive rights, ranging from offerings to receiving unapproved services/products related to MAKE, may be prohibited from nomination in the award in all level and/or receiving any services offered by the Teleos, KNOW Network and MAKE Partners all over the World. The MAKE Official Representative in Iran has exclusive authority to recognize cases of infringement.

Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Assessment and Recognition in Iran is officially organized by Sharif University of Technology, and MAKE Training, Advisory, and Benchmarking services in Iran is organized by Iran MAKE Representative Office.

MAKE Assessment and Recognition Official Organizer in Iran: Sharif University of Technology
Iran MAKE Award President: Prof. Saeed Sohrabpour

Tel: +98-21-66165185

MAKE Training, Advisory, and Benchmarking Official Organizer in Iran: Iran MAKE Representative Office
MAKE Official Representative in Iran: Dr. Mahdi Shafieezadeh (,

Tel: +98-21-66098545
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